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Private VIP Invite

LIVE Training Sat Mar 4th & Sun Mar 5th 2023
from 10:00  am to 1:30 pm Pacific Time

Limited slots available and all attendees will receive a full recording of the live event
that you can study for a lifetime!

A Landscape Fundamentals

Watercolor Mastery Workshop

"Peaceful Harbor"

A Two Day Live Virtual Event
With Professional Watercolor Artist and Instructor David J. Rogers

In this month's Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Peaceful Harbor", David invites you to join him and discover for yourself the all of the joy and satisfaction that watercolor painting has to offer.

This upcoming event is dedicated to the fundamentals of landscape painting, and will be packed with information and techniques that you can use in all of your future paintings!

After you attend this workshop event, you will be miles ahead as a watercolor artist. Artist & instructor David J Rogers will share with you the secrets he has developed to help his students boost their own creative abilities and increase their confidence levels to be able to paint watercolors they never imagined were possible.
Attn: All Watercolor Artists, (Your VIP invite)

From the Studio of David J. Rogers.

Re: How to solve all of your watercolor painting problems with the right instructor so you can feel what it is like to paint at your fullest potential.

Did you know that most beginner watercolor artists trying to learn on their own or from paint-a-long YouTube videos are going to fail miserably due to practicing the wrong techniques or wrong methods?

Did you know that 99% of all watercolor artists never maximize their full potential, or experience the true joy that creativity has to offer, and as a result, they carry that regret like a 50-pound chain around their neck for the rest of their lives?

Here is the problem we face as watercolor artists in the digital age, we've become so bombarded with so much information that we don't know what to focus on. We know that there must be a process, but without knowing what it is we jump from one piece of information to the next, hoping it will magically all come together.

Which means you'll never get a chance to reach your fullest potential as a watercolor artist in the most simple and effective way, or be able to share with the rest of the world what you are truly capable of as an artist.

There is a solution. Now there is a break-through method of teaching watercolor painting. An accelerated learning process that will help you to unlock your potential in the most efficient and effective way possible. A process that I developed myself purely by accident.

Let me explain...

Most people don't know it, but I am a self-taught artist. Everything I know as an artist I learned over many years, and mostly by trial and error. I learned about fundamental art concepts as I created paintings, finding out what worked and what didn't work and making many adjustments along the way.

Essentially I was learning by doing.

 ...and then I had a revelation.

What if I were able to teach that same method? Where folks could "learn by doing" the same way I did, but with guided instruction so that they could learn art fundamentals and painting techniques, and then apply them for immediate results? They would not only be gaining the knowledge, but also the needed confidence and belief in themselves to keep moving forward. The thing that keeps most people from even trying to paint with watercolors in the first place.

That is what makes this teaching method so unique and effective. 

How do I know this method works?

Because I've been teaching students in my live watercolor workshops this unique approach to watercolor painting for years. 

Folks who had never picked up a paintbrush in their lives were able to learn basic technique and immediately create beautiful paintings using what they had just learned. The confidence in their own abilities exploded! The result was that they learned faster than ever before, and continued coming back for more of the same kind of instruction. Basic fundamental art principles with painting exercises designed around those principles.

Now, you will be able to receive the same life changing watercolor instruction my live workshop students have received with my new virtual "Watercolor Mastery Workshops" (plus some new cutting edge material I am excited to share with you)!

Here's what we'll be covering in this Watercolor Mastery Workshop...

 A Landscape Fundamentals

Watercolor Mastery Workshop

"Peaceful Harbor"

A  Live Virtual 2-day Event Scheduled for Sat March 4th & Sun March 5th, 2023.
From 10am to 1:30 pm PT.

In every Watercolor Mastery Workshop we will cover techniques and methods that are directly related to the final step-by-step watercolor painting exercise, but more importantly, what you'll be learning can be applied to all of your future paintings.

Here's what we'll be covering in this upcoming Watercolor Mastery Workshop.

Preliminary Basic Techniques Video: 

Once you sign up, you'll receive a link to a 1 hour video that will walk you through everything you need to know about all of the materials and basic techniques we'll be using in the workshop beginning March 4th. If you are a beginner, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with all of the techniques, tools, and concepts at your own pace with guided practice exercises that you can access as many times as you like before the workshop. This basics video will allow us to dedicate the full 7 hours (3 1/2 hours per day) to the live workshop.

Here are some of the things we'll cover in the 1 hour preliminary basic techniques video.

*Introduction to tools and materials and setting up your painting area.
*How to set up your palette.
*How to activate and mix paint on your palette.
*Three values to paint any watercolor and how to create them.
*Introduction to various wash techniques.
*Glazing techniques that add luminosity to your work.
*Dropping in color for vibrant and energetic color mixing.
*How to use the dry-brush technique to add texture to your paintings.

Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Peaceful Harbor"
A Landscape Fundamentals Workshop

The watercolor painting opportunities that California's central coast provide are too numerous to count, but in the small coastal community of Morro Bay they are epic! Our upcoming March 4th & 5th workshop "Peaceful Harbor" is a prime example!

The area in and around Morro Bay, California has it's own very unique landscape, with features that set it apart from anywhere else on earth. What many miss however, are the painting opportunities that lie outside of the conventional Morro Bay harbor scenes.

By exploring the surrounding area, you can't help but discover that there is beautiful scenery that begs to be painted around each and every corner! This month's Watercolor Mastery Workshop subject is taken from Morro Bay's "back bay" area, and it is one of those perfect paintable scenes that many people miss.

In this Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Peaceful Harbor" I'll be sharing with you some of the techniques that I use to take what seems like a very complicated landscape subject and break it down into a simple & easy to follow steps. A process that you'll be able to use with every one of your future landscape paintings.

This is a workshop for artists of all skill levels.

Here's just some of what we'll be covering in this upcoming Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Peaceful Harbor"...

*How to turn reference photographs into a beautiful watercolor paintings.
*Arranging a compelling landscape composition.
*How to paint convincing water and reflections.
*How to paint trees.
*How to use color and value to portray depth and distance.
*How to bring unity and harmony to your painting.
*Incorporating a wide range of values into your paintings and why it's important.
*How to simplify a watercolor painting with suggestion instead of details.
*How to direct focus in a landscape painting with a compelling composition.
*How to use "planes" in your landscape paintings to identify value placement.
*Artist Q&A session.

And so much more!

Then, we will apply everything we learn to a guided step-by-step demonstration of the painting shown below. As we go from step to step, we'll discuss the techniques and concepts we learned and how they directly relate to this painting. Since this will be a live, interactive, step-by-step, hands on experience, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions in real time and have them answered by the artist.

This two day event is going to help you to make a quantum leap in your watercolor painting abilities!

This is definitely a watercolor workshop you will not want to miss.

This will be our Watercolor Mastery Workshop project painting for March 4th & 5th:

"Peaceful Harbor"

Also included in this Watercolor Mastery Workshop...

Watercolor Basics preliminary video - A 1 hour video with basic techniques used in every workshop so that you can familiarize yourself with your materials and the processes we'll be using with practice exercises you can do as often as you like before the workshop. 

High resolution digital reference downloads:

Finished painting reference download - You'll be able to use this high resolution image as a color reference and a map so you can see the direction we'll be heading with our finished painting.

Reference photographs - I'll show you how to use photographs as inspiration for paintings, and why a photograph is only a "jumping off point" for your creative imagination. 

A complete list of all the materials we'll be using in this workshop, and where to find them. Your workshop registration will be far enough in advance of the event that you can purchase your art supplies (if you need them) in plenty of time. One of the coolest things about watercolor is that you don't need much to get started. Much of what you'll need (besides paint, paper, and brush) you already have right there at home.

A full recording of the Watercolor Mastery Workshop. You'll also be receiving a full recording of the live workshop (both days) so that you can replay any areas you may need to focus on. You'll also have future access to this workshop so you can come back to it again and follow along at your own pace.

As well as bonuses just for attending!

So here is what we got: A live virtual two day Watercolor Mastery Workshop event "Peaceful Harbor" scheduled for Sat. March 4th & Sun. March 5th from 10:am to 1:30 pm Pacific time (both days). An event appropriate for artists of all skill levels.

Unlike other watercolor workshops, this one will be from the comfort of your home, no need to fly to my gallery in California and buy a hotel. It will be completely interactive and you can ask as many questions as you like and I can answer them for you personally.

This live 2 day event (7 full hours of instruction) will be packed with tons of valuable information plus you will also receive a digital file of the entire event so you can re-watch the Watercolor Mastery Workshop at your own pace, and we are throwing in some exclusive free bonuses just for attending.

Oh, btw... The price of this 2 day event is much less than the price of a single live one-day workshop, how cool is that?

This virtual event will be similar to my live workshops here at the gallery, but packed with much more value, and they usually sell out within the first few days.

This is what it does: It'll give you a clear path to mastering the watercolor techniques I'll be teaching, meaning it will give you the confidence in your own abilities to be able to paint at your fullest potential as an artist.

Here is how it is going to help you: You're going to get a lifetime of watercolor experience and knowledge boiled down into an easy to follow "learn by doing" plan of attack, meaning that you'll be able to learn much faster and will no longer have to waste your time trying to figure out the correct path.

Here is what you need to do next:

Step 1. Watch the video below

Step 2. Reserve your seat below

See ya there!

Your watercolor painting buddy,

David J. Rogers

Due to the Watercolor Mastery Workshop software, there are only a limited number of spots available - they won't last long. If you truly want to improve your watercolor painting skills, reserve your spot now! First come, first served! 

Watch this video from one of my previous live virtual workshops. It shows a quick explanation of my "learn by doing" teaching method designed to build confidence in your painting abilities. 

Here's what you are gonna get:

  • Watercolor Mastery Virtual Live Workshop – A 2 day interactive watercolor workshop, so you can enhance your painting skills with cutting edge watercolor techniques used by the masters, meaning you will be given everything you need to know about how to create beautiful paintings of your own and have all of your questions answered live by the artist.
    ($194 value)
  • ​Watercolor Basics Preliminary Video - A  1 hour video with basic techniques and exercises that you can watch and practice as often as you like before the workshop.
      ($49 value)
  • ​High resolution digital reference painting - We'll be using this as inspiration for the finished project painting. I'll also be showing you how to use reference photos for your paintings. (14.95 value)
  • ​High resolution digital reference photograph - I'll show you how to use photographs as inspiration for paintings, and why a photograph is only a "jumping off point" for your creative imagination. ($14.95)
  • Recorded replay of the Watercolor Mastery Workshop – so you can watch over and over again and at your own pace, meaning that you can pick up those gold nuggets that you may have missed. ($194 value)
  • A full list of watercolor painting materials and supplies needed for this workshop and where to find them. Your workshop registration will be far enough in advance of the event that you can purchase your art supplies (if you need them) in plenty of time. One of the cool things about watercolor is you don't need much to get started!
  • ​Bonus #1 - Exclusive On-line Community Membership – Attending any Watercolor Mastery Workshop will automatically allow you exclusive acceptance to our online community of watercolor students where you can share your artwork, get critiques and advice, and make friends with other students. This is an online group that is monitored by David himself! (Priceless!)
  • ​Bonus #2 - Copy of my latest book "How to loosen up your watercolors" so you can create beautiful paintings with a spontaneous and energetic feel! ($19.95 value)

Total Value: $486.85

Public Price: $297

Your VIP Price: $89

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Watercolor Mastery Workshop
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Not only do we guarantee that David's Watercolor Mastery Workshop will transform your painting ability, and confidence, but if it doesn't deliver as promised, we don't want your money. We'll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Simply email us within 24 hours after the live masterclass and we will refund. No hassle. 

See What Other People are Saying About Watercolor Mastery Workshops...

  • Sharon S. -  I thoroughly enjoyed the class today. It was the perfect way to start back again to paint. The hours just flew by! I have been studying watercolor and taking classes for the past 40 years, I’ve learned so much more from just one morning with you! Thank you again for your teaching style. I greatly appreciate it. 
  • Peggy J. -  David, the class was exceptional and very informative for beginners. This was my very first "watercolor" class, however I have been playing around with it for about 10 years. You presented very well. Where were you when I was stumbling around looking for guidance? (lol) Keep up the good work.
  • Mary K. -  I really enjoyed the class yesterday and my painting turned out rather good! I thought the class was perfect and that you are a great teacher. The part that I thought I would have the most trouble with is was the drawing part, turns out with your help with breaking it down to get the pencil down and the perspective correct it was very easy! I am going to paint it again once you send the recording because I learned so much.
  • Audrey S. - Thank you for the wonderful workshop. This will be the 4 th workshop I have taken. David explains things so well, and encourages the artist to use their own imagination. Besides explaining and demonstrating things so well, you feel like you are painting with family and a good friend. David always acknowledges his staff and wife, and takes the time to give thorough answers during the Q & A.  Looking forward to the next time with you. Thank you again for sharing your time and talent with us! 
  • Susan E. - I loved the workshop, David. I'm a beginner and the pace was perfect. I appreciated the breaks to catch up. I learned lots of new techniques and I was very proud of my painting. Thank you so much. I look forward to your next class!
  • ​Dale S. - Another great workshop. Enjoyed it very much.  Your lesson gave me a great starting point for a few paintings that I want to try on my own. Can't wait to hear about next month's workshop!
  • ​Cal M. - This was my first class ever in water color, but I have a couple of self-taught years under my belt. I enjoyed the pre-workshop video to familiarize myself with your style and tools. The pre class checklist was perfect and I was ready to go. I very much enjoyed all of it and the descriptions of layering and perspective. I want to do another one and experiment with the colors. I very much appreciated the lesson and I am looking forward to more!
  • ​Cynthia M. - Hi David, I am a fan. Each class is a wonderful learning experience . I enjoy them so much . I am continuing to learn new techniques . I am very glad that you send a video recording post workshop that allows for more practice & reference . I travel a lot so if I have to miss class, I can complete it later.
  • ​Joe D. - Hi David, I really enjoyed the workshop today. I think I picked up a few very valuable tips on various techniques. I especially liked the wet on wet areas as I tend to be too tight when I do my watercolors. Anyway, great workshop and thank you very much. 
  • Patti J. - I enjoy your workshops! I like the way you explain your method of painting, Even a beginner can create a beautiful watercolor. I like the way you teach and have learned a lot! 
  • Susan P. - Thank you very much for the watercolor workshop. This is my first time doing a workshop and I was very pleased with how it went. It has been about 4 years since I have done any watercolor painting and was surprised at how good the painting turned out.
  • Mark H. - I really enjoyed the workshops and learned a lot about drawing, composition, simplifying and painting.  I thought the process you used was very clear. I think you did a great job explaining things- so much so that I just purchased your Course for beginners! Looking forward to learning all I can about watercolor! Thanks for a fun workshop!
  • Suzanne D. - David, I have truly enjoyed learning this way. I appreciate your enthusiasm and diligence and of course your expertise in watercolor. The video presentation was very professi0nal.
  • ​Nancy C. - Thank you so much for offering these workshops!  I am very new to painting in ANY medium and this workshop helped me in "planning" a painting, which I had not thought about much before. You made it very easy to follow along. I really liked being able to sketch out painting with your guidance beforehand. I am thankful that you have included the video recording to review and redo another painting so I can do it at my own speed an go over all of the valuable instruction one more time. I found the preliminary video and project material list, prior to the workshop, to be immensely informative. Thank You! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to future classes/workshops. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!
  • ​Audrey G. - I love your workshops and feel you do an excellent job teaching us! Since I retired a number of years ago, life got in the way of my painting and I haven’t been active in quite a while. You are gradually changing that as I spend more time now painting! It’s fun again!!! So appreciative of your many hours of prep just to present one of these online presentations! Keep up the good work!
  • Natalie M. - I thoroughly enjoyed the Watercolor Mastery Workshop. This is my second workshop with you. Both have been fantastic. You teach excellent how to-s. Painting is made easy with your instructions. I am so appreciative that I can watch your workshops more than once.  
  • Rebecca B. - I thoroughly enjoyed the watercolor workshop! I appreciated all the resources you sent out beforehand- no excuse not be well prepared and ready to go! I’ve been doing a lot of painting during covid- most days I’ve got my brush in my paints, and have learned so much from artists like yourself.
    It was fun to learn new techniques. Thanks again for an excellent workshop! I feel I learned a lot!
  • ​Cheryl C. - Your workshops always pull me further along on my journey to be able enjoy painting and feeling good about my work. As soon as I finish the new painting I post it in Facebook group. I look forward every month to your workshops!
Meet David,
Watercolor Artist and
Art Instructor

David J Rogers is a nationally recognized professional watercolor artist for over 20 years.

His home base is California's central coast where he shows his unique watercolor paintings in the exclusive David J Rogers Fine Art Gallery located in the heart of the historic seaside town of Morro Bay, CA. He also teaches watercolor workshops every month at his gallery and at plein air locations around the central coast area,
as well as virtually online.

He has sold millions of dollars of his artwork to collectors all over the world and was selected by Top Ten Magazine and as one of the top ten watercolor artists in the world in 2018.

David is also one of only a handful of self-represented artists to partner directly with Amazon since 2008, and is currently rated as one of the 50 top selling artists on both and

Don't miss out - this virtual Watercolor Mastery Workshop will sell out fast!

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

If you want to improve your watercolor painting abilities (no matter your skill level), you will want to attend this event. 

If you don't attend, you will be missing one of the most valuable events to enhance your watercolor painting skills available today.

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